Business Intelligence (BI)
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Track your data with the power of Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence at the service of SMEs

Business Intelligence, or BI, is an essential tool at the heart of your SME’s life : it allows, in a simple and visual way, to analyse your company’s activity through key indicators.

BI allows you to manage the company, make informed strategic decisions, and highlight the specific data related to your business.

BI for SMEs : what are the benefits?
  • You have a clear competitive advantage
  • You improve and accelerate decision making
  • You generate new income
  • You streamline and increase operating efficiency
  • You optimize all internal processes
Would you like to take advantage of the power of a BI ?

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Your decision support tool : Synoptic BI

Synoptic BI allows you to elaborate reports corresponding to a set of data restored in Excel. These reports provide you with a global and synthetic vision of the indicators of your choice : turnover per family, per branch, productivity, stock level, etc.

A BI with multiple tools

Synoptic BI allows you to aggregate and consolidate a multitude of sources of information circulating within your SME : Excel data collection, synthesis of ERP data, commercial and production information or information from your accounting. In order for the collected data to be visualized instantaneously and in the clearest possible way, several modes are at your disposal.

  • Table mode : easily create analysis tables on any desired aspect (procurement, sales, production management, turnover evolution, HR indicators, etc.).
  • Listing mode : generate listings that can be used during your marketing campaigns, use all the features available in Excel (pivot tables, graphs, dashboards, etc.).
  • Cell mode : easily integrate your data into existing dashboards.

Drive your SME with intuitive and customizable BI

  • Create gauges : follow the information at a glance and in real time in order to react as quickly as possible with the appropriate corrective actions!
  • Aggregate your data : no longer miss essential data and make your decisions with the assurance that you have relevant and up-to-date information.
  • Build reports : Synoptic BI allows you to intuitively model your data in order to make it accessible, if you wish, to all your employees. The reporting is done within Excel or OpenOffice Calc.
  • Manage complex sets : Synoptic BI allows you to manage different companies and facilities, and view data in one place or, if you prefer, in a differentiated way.
  • Choose your reports : Synoptic BI adapts to your needs and offers 4 types of reports (tables, listings, cells, gauges).
  • Distribute your reports : distribute your reports directly by email, transmit the latest updated versions via an internally shared folder so that information circulates as well as possible. You can also choose which users have access to the data.
  • Automatically share your dashboards : you can set up automatic mailings for certain users to save time and efficiency.
  • Keep it simple : all BI functions are accessible from a toolbar designed for quick and easy use. You can update, delete, undo, create graphs or import data with a single click from the same interface.

Additional modules

The modules of Synoptic ERP are complementary. You wish to go further ? These modules work in complete synergy with the BI functionalities presented :

  • Finance, HR and accounting

    Opt for tailor-made accounting management interfaced with your ERP

  • Production management

    Choose the production management adapted to your SME

  • Commercial management

    Organize your customer relationship, seize opportunities

Thanks to My Report we were able to take an important step forward in reliable, repeatable and fast project reporting.
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