Thermotrack Webserve
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Cloud-based monitoring station for Sensor Net Connect and FoxNet sensors

  • Web-based platform for monitoring temperature, humidity and other parameters
  • Web-based platform for monitoring temperature, humidity and other parameters
  • Web-based platform for monitoring temperature, humidity and other parameters
  • Web-based platform for monitoring temperature, humidity and other parameters

Thermotrack Webserve is a web platform dedicated to monitoring temperature, humidity and other parameters for cold rooms, freezers, laboratories and industry.

From a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, it is possible to monitor its installation, set the sending of alarms by SMS, email or siren to different users.

The application works with Sensor Net Connect, FoxNet, Sigfox or Thermo Buttons.

  • Different types of sensors, only one application
  • Multi-user and multi-site access
  • Secured archiving guaranteed for 10 years
Main functions
  • Real-time monitoring of your critical equipment
  • Alarms by Email, SMS, Siren
  • Use on PC, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Biotechnology - RD
  • Food Industry
  • Health and Pharma
  • Restaurants - Catering
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Alert management

Receive alerts by Email, SMS or Pop Up (Alarm on your PC). Choose the recipients for each sensor : unique, multiple, cascading. SMS messages are sent directly from Thermotrack Webserve.

Main functions

  • Home page with list of sensors or plans.
  • Display of the curves with alarm levels and mouse zoom.
  • List of values with Min, Max, Averages and MKT.
  • Display of the last 24 hours and 10-year history.
  • Acknowledgement of alarms with entry of corrective action.
  • Printing of curves.
  • Printing of value lists.
  • Printing of alarm lists.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Automated PDF reports sent by Email.

Security, Compliance, Validation

Used in Pharmacies and accredited laboratories, Thermotrack Webserve offers a high level of security :

  • Secured access by login and password.
  • Management of user preferences and rights (Super Administrators, Administrator, Users).
  • Access Restrictions by Locations, Zones or Facilities.
  • Complete Audit Trail to ensure FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

If necessary, we assist you for the computer validation : IQ/OQ – Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification

Accessibility and security

Thermotrack Webserve runs on a PC, on your phone or on your IOS or Android tablet. No software or applications to install. Go to Enter your username and password.

Make the test on the demo site (login and password: demof).

Système de transmission et sondes compatibles avec Thermotrack Webserve

Nous proposons différents systèmes pour la connexion des sondes. Sondes sur réseau Ethernet ou WiFi ou enregistreurs sans fil (radio).

  • FoxNet

    Wireless data logger for monitoring temperature, humidity and other parameters

  • Sensor Net Connect

    Ethernet and Wifi system for monitoring temperature, humidity, and other parameters

  • Thermo Button

    The world's smallest temperature recorder for cold chain monitoring

Functions :
  • Archive
  • E-mail alarm
  • Excel
  • FDA
  • Monitoring
  • Multi-users
  • Pop-up
  • SMS alarm
Works with :
  • PC
  • Smartphone
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