Thermo Button
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The world's smallest temperature recorder for cold chain monitoring

  • Miniature temperature recorder
  • Key ring with thermo button attachment
  • Miniature USB temperature data logger

For all your temperature controls, HACCP, monitoring of your products, transport under controlled temperature, the Thermo Bouton is the ideal recorder. Small and strong, it fits everywhere. It is resistant to water projections, shocks and dust.
5 models to choose depending on measuring range and accuracy.

  • From -40 to +140°C depending on models
  • Accuracy up to ±0.5°C
  • Resolution 0.1 or 0.5°C
  • Up to 10 years lifetime
  • Diameter 16 mm, thickness 6mm
  • Stainless steel
  • Water-resistant
  • Biotechnology - RD
  • Food Industry
  • Health and Pharma
  • Restaurants - Catering
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Thermo Button
Thermo Button
Thermo Button
Thermo Button
Thermo Button
Temperature range -40/+85°C -40/+85°C 0/+125°C +15/+140°C -40/+85°C
Accuracy ±1°C ±0.5°C ±0.5°C ±0.5°C ±0.5°C
Resolution 0.5°C 0.1°C or 0.5°C 0.1°C or 0.5°C 0.1°C or 0.5°C 0.1°C or 0.5°C
Size of memory/readings 2048 4096 or 8192 4096 or 8192 4096 or 8192 62720 or 125440
Sample rate 1 to 255 min 1 sec to 273h 1 sec to 273h 1 sec to 273h 5 min to 273h
Battery life span 10 years max (1) 10 years max (1) 30 to 50 sterilization cycles (2) 30 to 50 sterilization cycles (2) 10 years max (1)

(1) between -30 and +50°C. Prolonged exposure above 50°C may reduce the service life of the product.
(2) One cycle = start at 25°C, hold at 121°C for 15 minutes and return to 25°C.



Use of Thermo Buttons

The Thermo Button is a miniature temperature recorder, perfect for temperature control in a variety of applications :

  • Control of refrigerator, freezer, cold rooms.
  • Control of the cold chain during the transport of fresh, frozen and vaccine products.
  • Checking temperatures during transport of biological samples, blood bags.
  • On site mapping (in particular thanks to the Thermotrack PC software and its mapping module).

You can also place them in the heart of a product to monitor the temperature during cooking, cooking or cooling.

Applications in industry are numerous. We are at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable model and to choose the appropriate fixing or protection accessories.

Reliability, accuracy and compliance

The Thermo Buttons have an internal battery that allows them to operate for up to 10 years. In addition, their precision remains very stable over time and does not drift.

They comply with the EN 12830 standard. The certificate is available at the bottom of this page.

All Thermo Boutons can also be delivered with a calibration certificate linked to international standards thanks to our exclusive partnership with the Jumo laboratory which has a COFRAC ISO 17025 accreditation.The calibration module of the Thermotrack PC software also allows you to adjust the values after calibration.

Thermo Button Software

Program and read your Thermo Button with Thermotrack on PC or your Android phone. A single click is enough to check that the cold chain is respected !

  • Thermotrack PC

    Read and program your Thermo Buttons, Hygro Buttons and iBees on a PC

  • Thermotrack Mobile

    Use your Thermo and Hygro Buttons with your Android phone

  • Thermotrack Online

    Archive and share the temperature of your datalogger on the Cloud

Functions :
  • Date and Time
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
Works with :
  • Ethernet
  • PC
  • Smartphone
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