iBees Waterproof Data Loggers
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Waterproof and miniature temperature dataloggers

  • waterproof temperature datalogger

The iBees are waterproof temperature loggers based on Thermo Buttons 22L and 22T.

They are coated with a food contact compatible silicone. It is the ideal solution for product monitoring or for the validation of sterilisation schedules in the food industry.

  • Records the temperature
  • Memory
  • Pressure resistant (3 bars)
  • Miniature size (27 x 7.5 mm, diameter 20 mm)
  • Sealed silicone coating
  • Food Industry
  • Restaurants - Catering
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Technical specifications :

iBee 22L
iBee 22T
Temperature range -40/+85°C 0/+125°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C ±0.5°C
Resolution 0.1 or 0.5°C 0.1 or 0.5°C
Memory size (number of measurements) 4096 or 8192 4196 or 8192
Sample rate 1 sec to 273 h 1 sec to 273 h
Battery life span 10 years max (1) 30 to 50 sterilization cycles (2)

(1) Between -30 and +50°C. Prolonged exposure above 50°C may shorten battery life.
(2) One sterilization cycle = start at 25°C, rise and hold at 121°C for 15 minutes and return to 25°C.

Use of the product

iBee waterproof temperature loggers are Thermo Buttons 22L and 22T coated with a layer of high temperature silicone that makes them resistant to water and pressure.

In particular, they are perfect for the following cases :

  • Sterilization at 121.1°C – Sterilisation validation
  • Core temperature controls of products during cooking, cooling…

It offers a faster response time than a Thermo Button in a protective capsule.

Download below the comparative table of response times between Thermo Button naked, iBee version and with protective capsule.

Complementary products

To use the iBees, you will need one of our Thermotrack software. You will also need a suitable reading clip.

  • Thermo Button Accessories

    Attachment accessories for temperature recorders Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons

  • Thermotrack PC Software

    Read and program your Thermo Buttons, Hygro Buttons and iBees Data Loggers on a PC

To go further
We control the cooking processes of our products in our different factories with Thermo Buttons dataloggers, either with capsule or iBee (waterproof temperature logger).
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