Discover our range of sensors and dataloggers for temperature, humidity and other parameters

Temperature dataloggers, Wireless, Wi-Fi or Ethernet sensors, Monitoring software

Thermo Button Data Logger

Temperature Data Logger for cold chain monitoring

Hygro Button Data Logger

Humiditty and temperature datalogger Hygro Button

Pixie Temp Bluetooth temperature

Pixie Temp Bluetooth temperature datalogger for monitoring refrigerated trucks

GPS temperature tracker

GPS tracker for temperature monitoring and geolocation of refrigerated vehicles

Thermotrack PC Software

Thermotrack PC Software. Read and program Thermo Buttons, Hygro Buttons & iBees Dataloggers on a PC

Sensor Net Connect, Ethernet or Wi-Fi

Ethernet and Wi-Fi sensors for monitoring of temperature, humidity over IP

FoxNet Wireless Data Logger

Wireless temperature datalogger

Thermotrack Webserve Cloud Monitoring

Remote temperature monitoring systems for Wireless, Ethernet and Bluetooth sensors

iBees Waterproof Data Loggers

Miniature and waterproof temperature datalogger

Thermo Button Accessories

Attachment accessories for temperature recorders Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons


Food Time and Temperature control during Cooking, Cooling and Reheating

Thermotrack Mobile Android App

Read your Thermo and Hygro Buttons on your smartphone with Thermotrack Mobile

Our sensors and dataloggers measure temperature, humidity, but also CO2, pressure and many other parameters. We offer different solutions to connect them. Wireless radio, Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Our software is user-friendly, easy to install and use. We are at your disposal to advise you on the system best suited to your needs.

Proges Plus, at the service of SMEs and midcaps

Present in more than 70 countries, our SME and midcaps customers are active in fields of activity where IT and data must be a strength at their service.

Industrial experts, specialists in health, research or food industry, local authorities : they trust us to support them on a daily basis in their development.

  • ALFI Technologies Synoptic ERP client
  • Cartonnages de la turdine Blue Serve client
  • University of Geneva Plug and Track client
  • IMANORD Proges Plus client
  • Mortelecque Proges Plus client
  • Nestlé Plug and Track client