Proges Plus supports Plastic Odyssey

Proges Plus supports Plastic Odyssey

Plastic Odyssey ship
Plastic Odyssey  ship© Plastic Odyssey 2023


In our Plug and Track activity, whenever possible, we look for alternatives to plastic. This is why we have decided to make all our software available for download on our website and to stop using CD ROMs. In order to pursue this commitment, we have chosen to support Plastic Odyssey, an organization that fights against plastic pollution throughout the world. Like our Plug and Track activity, Plastic Odyssey places great importance on research and scientific approach to think of new recycling and depollution models.

Thanks to you, for each software sold, Plug and Track makes a donation to Plastic Odyssey

Plastic Odyssey logo

Plastic Odyssey was founded on the observation that the fight against plastic pollution at sea requires action on land, close to companies, manufacturers and populations.

Plastic Odyssey is at the origin of an exploration mission targeting the areas of the globe most affected by this pollution. Their objective is to find solutions to fight against this pollution through the development of new models, on a reduced scale, which will then be applicable to other territories. The Plastic Odyssey mission consists of more than 30 stopovers on 3 continents that will allow :

  1. Find successful existing models and document them.
  2. Encourage the development of cost-effective recycling micro-factories.
  3. To disseminate open-source solutions so that they can be replicated.
Expedition Plastic Odyssey
Itinerary and stopovers of the Plastic Odyssey expedition – © Plastic Odyssey 2023


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