Proges Plus is moving to an IP telephony system !

Proges Plus is moving to an IP telephony system !

Due to the switchover of our Lille agency to IP telephony, our Lille switchboard will no longer be available on 24 August 2020 from 10am to 3pm. During this time, and in order to handle your calls as efficiently as possible, we invite you to contact our agency in Lyon which will take care of your request.

Why the switch to IP telephony ?

IP telephony (Internet Protocole telephony) based on VoIP technology allows you to make calls over the Internet with applications that boost your productivity, while reducing your bill costs. It is therefore a first-rate solution for unifying your communications and tools, regardless of whether they are your fixed or mobile phones, your audio or video conferencing solutions, and so on. IP telephony is also a first-choice solution for setting up teleworking within a company thanks to its flexibility and strict security protocols.

The advantages of IP telephony

Thanks to our partner Innovaphone, our Blue Serve IT services experts have all the skills to set up your IP telephony project. This gives you a number of advantages :

  • Your overall telephony bill is reduced.
  • You make sure that you have a flexible and scalable solution and that you can be reached on all your work tools at all times.
  • You have access to applications that make your work easier and improve your productivity : chat, conferences, call lists, voice messages, etc.
  • Your telephone system is unified, making it easier, more efficient and less costly to manage.
  • Are you evolving ? Your telephony adapts according to the increase in your activity, your users, the development of your needs.

Would you like to know more about IP telephony ? Our experts in IT infrastructure management and networks are at your disposal.