Temperature sensors, data loggers for quality controls and traceability.
Monitoring systems with alarms for the food industry and laboratories

Thermo Button

Temperature logger, thermobutton measures temperature

The smallest temperature logger in the world!

For all your Temperature Controls, Refrigerators, Cold Rooms, Freezers, incubators, cold chain, Transport, Process, HACCP and Quality Controls in laboratories.
Small, splash-proof, rugged, it can survive any harsh environment, resist to dust...

Collected data are stored with date and time in the protected memory.
Battery life span : up to 10 years.

Diameter 16 mm - Thickness 6 mm
Battery life span: up to 10 years.

- Records date and time
- Programmable low and high alarm threshold with temporization parameters
- Free memory for information storage (equipment ID, Client, ...)

Select below the Data Logger that fits the best with your application

Température range
-40 / +85°C
-40 / +85°C
0 / +125°C
± 1°C
± 0.5°C
± 0.5°C
±1.5°C *
0.5 °C
0.1 ou 0.5°C
0.1 ou 0.5°C
0.1 ou 0.5°C
Number of measurments
4096 or 8192
4096 or 8192
4096 or 8192
Sample rate
1 to 255 min
1 sec to 273 h
 1 sec to 273 h 1 sec to 273 h

(*) from 110 to 140°C

Read and program the Thermo Buttons, with our solutions

Tested and EN 12830 compliant, Thermo Button features have been tested by the CEMAGREF and the LCIE. The complete report can be downloaded here.
Not tested for "food contact approval".



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