Clubster NHL : Proges Plus becomes a member of the Nutrition, Health and Longevity cluster

Clubster NHL : Proges Plus becomes a member of the Nutrition, Health and Longevity cluster


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What is the NHL Clubster?

Clubster NHL, based in the Hauts-de-France region, is a center of excellence dedicated to the field of nutrition, agri-food and health.

This professional network brings together companies and stakeholders who innovate in agri-nutrition, medtech-hospitech, biotechpharma, the silver economy and e-health.

The NHL Clubster now has 320 members, experts in the fields of care, research and training.

How does Proges Plus fit into the NHL cluster ?

Our expertise in temperature control for the health and food industries : Plug and Track

Our Plug & Track activity has developed a unique expertise in the control of environmental parameters for all actors in the field of health, agri-food, research and biotechnologies.

Thanks to ready-to-use solutions, professionals can have reliable and secure information on all the indicators that count for the development and preservation of their products: temperature, humidity, pressure control, etc.

Plug & Track solutions are designed to meet the new challenges of companies in terms of regulatory obligations related, in particular, to the control of the cold chain.

Joining the NHL clubster allows us to be part of a collective innovation policy alongside industries that are committed to the health and nutrition of tomorrow.

Outsourcing for healthcare professionals : Blue Serve

Our Blue Serve IT experts work daily with many healthcare players to ensure the performance and security of their IT infrastructures.

Whether they are radiology practices or private clinics, our outsourcing contract provides them with support to ensure that they have all the IT resources they need to properly monitor their patients.

The ERP dedicated to the healthcare and laboratory industry

We are the publisher and integrator of Synoptic : an ERP allowing the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories to manage all their production processes and to ensure the conformity of their finished products with the standards set by the high health authorities (HAS, WHO, etc).

Our clients, within our three activities, are references in the field of health and research : Imanord (medical imaging), Diagast (immuno-hematology), EFS (french blood establishment)

Proges Plus : three activities at the service of the research and care industries

It is thanks to these 3 activities, all related to the world of health and research, that the NSL Clubster has established itself as a network of first choice to exchange with other actors who innovate in the Hauts-de-France.