Who we are
Creation of Proges Plus

For 35 years, Proges Plus has been unleashing the potential of businesses by putting data to work for them.

Our values

At Proges Plus we are convinced that entrepreneurship rhymes with freedom. We are committed to building a relationship with you based on respect, commitment, availability and freedom.

  • Respect
    Our relations are based on mutual respect, an essential criteria for a successful collaboration.
  • Commitment
    Our commitment translates into a long-term partnership for your satisfaction.
  • Availability
    We are committed to the high availability of our solutions and our teams.
  • Freedom
    With our solutions you are free to concentrate on your expertise and your business, free to undertake.
Are you familiar with our different activities ?

We put the power of computing and data at your service through our 3 activities.

  • Synoptic erp

    ERP software for SMEs

    The highly customizable and modular integrated management software that adapts to your business and ensures the performance of your company.
  • Blue Serve

    IT asset management

    Rely on our experts and their skills. This is the assurance of a computer system that works and evolves with you.
  • Plug & track

    Traceability and temperature monitoring

    Temperature and humidity monitoring, traceability systems for the food, pharmaceutical, health and life sciences industries.

Our history : at the service of SMEs and medium-sized companies

Proges Plus is at the service of SMEs and medium-sized companies in order to provide them with the skills and support necessary for their growth.

Thanks to constantly renewed solutions, rooted in innovation and in their time, Proges Plus has undergone constant development marked by the creation of its three activities. In 1985 the first activity was launched : Synoptic ERP, the Integrated Management Software adapted to your business and its unique specificities. In 1999 it was the turn of Plug and Track which offered its first temperature monitoring and traceability systems. In 2010 Blue Serve starts to support companies and local authorities in the management and maintenance of their IT equipment.

Growth, innovation, support : at Proges Plus we combine all this over the long run. Our customers are partners with whom we build a common success.

A strategic geographical presence and a strong international network

Thanks to our geographical location, we are close to you in order to accompany you throughout your development. This strong local presence allows us to carry out our projects based on exchange, proximity and trust.

The international market is not to be outdone, thanks to our Plug and Track activity which, since 2013, exceeds 50% in exports and offers its monitoring and traceability solutions in more than 60 countries !

  • Lille

    We have been present in Lille since the creation of Proges Plus and the launch of Synoptic ERP, which allows us to ensure geographical coverage throughout the Hauts-de-France region.
  • Lyon

    In 2001, we set our sights on Lyon with the opening of our third agency, allowing us to expand in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions.
  • Nantes

    Our presence was expanded in 1995 with the launch of a second agency based in Nantes, in order to better serve our clients in Bretagne and Pays de la Loire.