Temperature sensors, data loggers for quality controls and traceability.
Monitoring systems with alarms for the food industry and laboratories

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Danone - Etablissement Français du Sang - Nestle - KFC


Khalid EL FARHAOUI, Quality Manager, Danone Maroc

Danone Maroc respect la chaine du froid grâce aux sondes de température sur Ethernet de Proges-Plus

We use Thermotrack-Webserve of Plug and Track to control our refrigerated warehouses. We have installed the system in 14 plants across the country.

The monitoring system is very effective. It enables a remote control of our cold chain. It's comforting for us to know that everything is under control. We can meet the food safety requirements. The system makes us save a lot of time and money comparing to manual controls.

Their system is very easy to install and the accuracy of the sensors is very good.

People from Plug and Track are very responsive. They always answer our questions quickly. Technical support is always available to help us if needed.

We have presented Thermotrack Webserve to the quality committee of Danone Group who congratulated us for the acquisition of this system.


Alexandre Maillard, Metrology Service, Cofrac Accredited, French Blood Agency North of France


We use Thermo Buttons for more than ten years to ensure the traceability of the conservation of blood bags and other labile products during all phases of transport as well as in hospital deposits.

Labile blood products (blood, plasma, platelets ... ) are valuable and temperature sensitive products. We must ensure their continued preservation and temperature traceability until the transfusion to the patients.

The Thermo Button allows us to validate our methods and means of packaging, thus controlling the good conditions of transport of blood products from the EFS sites to the hospital depots.
Securing the cold chain conservation has allowed us to establish the periodic renewal (half-life expiration) of the stock in the hospital depots, thus avoiding the destruction of non-transfused products, while providing the highest quality products to the patients.

For us, the Thermo Button is the ideal instrument for the reliability of its metrological characteristics (accuracy, reproducibility, calibration, drift... ) Its size and ruggedness ensure a fast response time and measurements that are representative of the true conservation conditions of the product.

In addition, we are very satisfied with the software part, its user friendly interface, its development in close cooperation with users and continuous maintenance (hot line) since its launch, which enabled rapid and continuous adoption by the users.


Valérie Godard, Logistics Department, Nestle Davigel Nestle.jpg

We have more than 450 vehicules, which are all equipped with Thermo Buttons to register the temperature of our fresh products deliveries.
Each evening, when the vehicules are back, our drivers read their Button themselves with Thermotrack PC software. It is a complete siftware but it is so user friendly that we can delegate this task to our drivers. This makes us save a lot of time. That is why we have installed Thermotrack PC in our 42 distribution bases.

All the graphs are automatically archived and sent by email to the responsible drivers, logistics managers, and to the cold chain controlers in case of temperature alarms. This makes us increase our effectiveness.

Thanks to Plug and Track, wa can easily control that cold chain has been maintained. If a vehicule does not work well, we will be informed the same day. if a customer needs the temperature graph of the products that we deliver, we can send it to him very quickly.

This is why we really like to work with the Thermo Buttons and Thermotrack PC.


Caroline Deville, Quality Manager, KFC Pick and Eat KFC.jpg

We are Franchisees of KFC in Mauritius and we operate 17 restaurants. As a quality manager, it is important for me to know what is happening in each restaurant, wherever I am. thanks to Thermptrack Webserve, I control that cold chain is maintained in each of our restaurant and I get and Email or an SMS in real time in case of temperature alarm.

The system so simple that we have installed all the material ourselves, without needing the help of Proges Plus technicians. But if you need an advise or support, the hot line is always available. It offers a real peace of mind.