Temperature sensors, data loggers for quality controls and traceability.
Monitoring systems with alarms for the food industry and laboratories

Thermotrack Mobile Edition

Read and program Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons with an Android Smartphone or Tablet

Thermochron app for Android

Main Functions

  • Read the Thermo and Hygro Buttons
  • Check the alarms with temporisation
  • Create a PDF report 
  • Show Min, Max, Average and last value
  • Start a new mission
  • Relaunch Mission

AdvantagesTemperature Datalogger for Android Thermochron

  • Mobile controls wherever you are
  • Free application
  • Very simple operation
  • Transfer data to any Thermotrack software or Excel


Thermotrack-Mobile Edition is a free application that can read and mission Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons temperature loggers in the field with an Android Smartphone or Tablet.
You can control temperature excursions, check Min, Max, Average and last recorded value, Create a graph on PDF and send to to anyone, download data on your device and then archive it on your PC.
You can also relaunch the existing mission or start a new one with different settings.
The application is free. You just need to purchase a Thermo Button reader from your Plug and Track distributor.

PDF Graph

Thermotrack Mobile can create a report on a PDF file that you can send to anyone by email. You will get a copy on you email inbox.

Alarms Control

Plug a Thermo Button on the reader and click the "Alarm" icon. The icon will be displayed in
- Green if the minimun and maximum limits have not been reached
- Orange if the limits have been exceeded, during an acceptable period of time (Temporisation set in the Thermo Button)
Red if the limits and temporization have been exceeded

Download and Transfer

Data can be stored on board your Smartphone and transfered in the software of your choice.  Data can be send to :

If you have no GSM or Wi-Fi connection, data is saved on your device and will be sent as soon as you are connected.

Relaunch the existing mission or start a new one

You can erase data and start with a fresh memory using the "Relaunch" button. You also can start a new mission and change all setting.

Works with Thermo Buttons 21G, 22L, 22T and the Hygro Buttons

Subject to compatibility. Check it directly with your Smartphone on the Google Play Store


Download Thermotrack Mobile on Google Play

Download Documentation

Here is a list of tested smartphones and tablets compliant with Thermotrack Mobile. If you don't find your device, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • 5, G2, G3, Flex


  • Galaxy Note 1, 3, 4, 4 Edge
  • Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S7
  • Galaxy Express
  • Galaxy Mega 6.3
  • Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
  • Galaxy Tab 3 Lite


  • Infinity 8008x
  • Xperia ZC6603
  • Xperia C
  • Xperia Z1


  • Moto G
  • Droid Razr M
  • Motorola Razr HD


  • One (M7)


  • Ascend P6


  • HongMi
  • HM1SW
  • MI-2
  • MI-2S
  • MI-3


  • C3


  • A7600-F Tab


  • SQ 7


  • M100