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Sensor Net Connect

TCP IP temperature sensorWifi temperature sensor

A simple and cost effective solution for a remote and live monitoring the temperature, humidity and any other paremeter for you fridges, incubators, cold rooms, labs...

The Sensor Net Connect is a smart hub that connects directly to your Ethernet network (by cable or via Wifi). It has 3 ports on which you can plug any of our temperature, humidity or 4 to 20mA sensors.

It will send Data to Thermoscan IP or Thermotrack Webserve, where it is archived. You will be notified of any temperature alarms by SMS, Email or Pop Up


Ethernet temperature sensors

  • 3 RJ12 ports
  • Several Sensor Net Connect can be connected to the network
  • Connection by Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Fixed IP address or DHCP
  • ABS Casing
  • Power supply 5v volt provided
  • Dimensions 14 x 8.4 x 3.5 mm

You can connect all types of sensors to the same Sensor Net Connect, mix digital sensors, PT100 sensors and temperature and humidity sensors.


Ethernet Sensors

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Wi-Fi Sensors

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