Temperature sensors, data loggers for quality controls and traceability.
Monitoring systems with alarms for the food industry and laboratories


Proges-Plus can do calibration certificates for both Temperature and Humidity loggers and probes.
Our partnership with Jumo Regulation, accredited laboratory ensures a high level of quality.
We can offer both "Traceable to international standard" or "17025 Accredited" certifictes.

Traceable to International Standards

Certificates complying to EN 10204 3.1 offer a high quality and accuracy and comply with ISO 9001 quality managment system.

See an example of a Traceable to international Standards certificate

17025 Accredited

Our partner laboratory can perform 17025 Accredited calibration certificates

Accredited calibration certificates offer the highest quality in terms of metrology and are recognized worldwide.
If your laboratory is accredted or willing to be accredited, you will need such a hight level for your calibration certificates.

See an example of a 17025 Accredited calibration certificates