Temperature sensors, data loggers for quality controls and traceability.
Monitoring systems with alarms for the food industry and laboratories

Temperature dataloggers, Ethernet and WiFi temperature sensors
Real time monitoring with alarm notifications


Thermochron, small temperature logger, datalogger

Thermo Button

The smallest temperature Data logger in the world!

Temperature datalogger from -40 to +140°C depending on models, for temperature controls, cold chain monitoring, transport, storage, HACCP, process. Small, rugged, splash-proof, can be used anywhere

Hygrochron, Hygro Button, temperature and humidity logger, small, rugged

Hygro Button

The smallest Temperature and Humidity Datalogger in the world!

Temperature and Humidity Datalogger for humidity controls in Dairy industry, stability tests, masterpieces in Museums...

Software Thermo Button, temperature datalogger, traceability

Thermotrack PC

Read and program Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons on a PC

Get a powerful graph in only 2 clicks. Many options to save time during controls of temperature and humidity.

Thermo button Android, Thermochron

Thermotrack Mobile

Read and program Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons on Android

Control temperature anywhere you are with your smartphone, get a PDF at the time of delivery, send data to Excel or any Thermotrack software.

Thermotrack Online temperature control internet, cold chain control

Thermotrack Online

Read and program Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons on the Internet

The ideal solution for cold chain logistics and result sharing with various users.

chilling temperature control, reheating, cooking, low-temperature cooking, sterilisation


Datalogger for core temperature controls

Control core temperature during cooking, chilling, reheating, sterilisation.
Penetration probe, Alerts with LED and Buzzer. Display current temperature and process status


Temperature sensors Digital temperature sensors PT100

from -200°C to +250°C depending on models

Digital sensors, PT100, for cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers in laboratories and industry

Temperature relative humidity sensor

Temperature and Humidity sensors

Range -20/+85°C -0/100% RH

Digital sensors to monitor premises, server rooms, industry

Temperatures sensors WIFISensor Net Connect

Ethernet or WiFi units for sensors on IP network

Quick installation of temperature sensors, humidity sensors, CO2 sensors and other types of sensors on your computer network

Temperature alarm system Wifi, real time controlThermotrack WebServe

Live temperature monitoring on the Internet

Alarm system for your freezers, cold rooms, laboratories, with alarms by Email, SMS, PopUP.

FoxNet Solo Angled


Wireless temperature and humidity logger

Wireless temperature and humidity logger. Easy installation, easy daily monitoring and full compatibility with Thermotrack Webserve.