Temperature sensors, data loggers for quality controls and traceability.
Monitoring systems with alarms for the food industry and laboratories

In life sciences, health and pharmaceutical industries, quality management systems require validation of the temperature control and monitoring systems, such as Thermotrack PC, Thermotrack-Webserve or Thermotrack-Online.

Thermotrack validation includes the Installation Qualification (IQ) and the Operational Qualification (OP).validation thermotrack qualification installation operational IQ OQ

The Installation Qualification is the documented evidence that the installed system complies with the customer specifications and settings as stated in the requirements’ documents.
The Operational Qualification is the documented evidence that the installed system operates in compliance with the expected functions and features.

Plug and Track offers you its expertise to run these tests and to achieve Thermotrack qualification. We can offer:

  • Either, on site qualification: One of our experts comes to your site and achieves the installation and/or operational qualification(s) tests under your control.
  • Qualification by yourself : We supply a set of documents and a user manual to enable you to validate your installation step by step.

In both cases, you benefit from our experience and our expertise to help you defining beforehand the installation documents needed.

Once these documents are filled, you can now complete the Thermotrack validation.

For more information about the Thermotrack validation, please contact one of our experts.